Curd Chilli


Dahi Mirchi is a mouthwatering Maharashtrian recipe, served as a side dish in any indian thali. Dahi Mirchi enhances the taste of food items served in thali. This Curd chilli is prepared by using curd, green chillies and various other indian spices. This recipe is so easy to make and delicious to eat.


You can prepare this Dahi mirchi in large quantities and sundry it and store in an airtight container. When a person wants to eat something Chatpata (Spicy) in Lunch and Dinner then he/she can fry these dry curd chillies and enjoy their meal.

This recipe of Dahi mirchi or Curd chilli is so popular that every 5 star Hotels and Restaurants also serve this in their buffet or this recipe is also available in their menu cards.

Here is how to make this Curd Chilli

North Indian
Lunch And Dinner
Mixing Bowl / Bhagona and Big Plate or Paraath
Prep. Time
2 days
Cooking Time
2 mins
Total Time
2 days 2 mins
30-35 Curd Chillies
  • 1 cup Curd / Yoghurt
  • 30-35 Green chillies
  • ⅓ tsp Carom seeds / Ajwain
  • ⅓ Tsp Coriander seeds / Khadi Dhania
  • Salt to taste
Recipe Steps
  1. Wash and dry each green chilli and keep it in a Big plate or Paraath so that there is space between each chilli.
  2. Prepare a mixture of Carom seeds, Coriander seeds and Salt in a mixer and keep it aside in a bowl. This is the stuffing masala of green chillies.
  3. Make a slit in each green chilli and insert the stuffing masala in each of them and keep it aside in a big plate or parath. Do Not remove the stalk (Dhanthal) of green chilli while making a slit.
  4. In a mixing Bowl add curd/ yoghurt and 1.5 cup of water to it . Blend this curd and water with the help of a hand or electric blender. Now add leftover stuffing masala in curd water mixture.(If there is no stuffing masala left then dont take tension as adding leftover stuffing masala is optional).
  5. Dip each Stuffed chilli into the curd. Let the chillies dipped in curd for 2 days. After the 1st day you stir the stuffed green chilies dipped in curd.Now flavour of curd is well absorbed in the stuffed green chillies.
  6. After 2 days, lay down all the stuffed green chillies either on any thin cloth( like Saree or Dupatta) or big parath and keep it in sunlight by covering these chillies again with any thin cloth so that air and light can easily reach inside the Parath.
  7. After 3 days of drying in sunlight, all green chillies get completely Dry. Keep all dry chillies in an airtight container.
  8. Whenever you want to eat something spicy, fry these stuffed green chillies and enjoy your meal.

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